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Protected, indexed & model-driven management strategies


Our structured capabilities consist of three distinct areas of expertise: protected investment, indexed investment and model-driven management.

Protected investment: campaign funds, permanent protection, target date solutions

The Paris-based protected investment management team is part of THEAM, our specialist in protected, indexed and model-driven management strategies. With in-depth expertise of a full range of portfolio management techniques, our experts are hugely innovative and offer a wide range of guaranteed and protected capital products. These capital protection opportunities are offered for all asset classes, and may be permanent or product term-linked.

Indexed management

Indexed funds

The indexed funds offered by THEAM, our specialist in protected, indexed and model-driven management strategies, offer a wide variety of investment opportunities to investors looking to diversify their portfolio by region, sector or asset class, and those making tactical trades to benefit from a rising market configuration.

Exchange-traded fund range

Our ETF range tracks benchmark indices such as those developed by Dow Jones, FTSE, Standard and Poor’s and Russell. THEAM, our specialist in protected, indexed and model-driven management strategies, selects high-quality underlying assets to ensure the highest level of precision in tracking the performance of selected indices.

Model-driven investment

Smart Beta solutions

Our Smart Beta solutions are managed by our Paris-based Model-Driven Global Quant team, part of THEAM, our partner specialised in capital protection, indexed and model-driven investments. The team manages a range of quantitative strategies that are all fully systematic and designed to deliver long-term outperformance of what we believe are inefficient market capitalisation-based indices. Our capabilities consist of various strategies (e.g. risk-based or multi factor-based investments) with a variety of risk-return targets to match the differing needs of our investors.

Cross-asset solutions

THEAM, our specialist in protected, indexed and model-driven management strategies, offers two areas of expertise in multi-asset diversified funds: absolute performance funds and flexible funds. Our absolute performance funds are designed to deliver performance regardless of the market environment, with no benchmarking or allocation constraints. What sets THEAM apart so distinctively is its investment philosophy and its emphasis on a broad diversity of assets and styles. The result is a lower concentration of risk in terms both of assets and strategy. Our flexible funds are designed to track trends by adapting exposure to market dynamics. THEAM offers global exposure, and models the portfolio contribution made by each asset on the basis of a constant criterion: volatility.

The value of investments and the income they generate may go down as well as up and it is possible that investors will not recover their initial outlay.